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The Clone Wars 1.5: Rookies

Subtitle: Get ready for #CloneFeels

The clones of Outpost Somewhere Near Kamino normally spend their time arm wrestling and listening to Sharon Apple:

 But tonight they have to fight off battle droids led by General Grievous.

I’m confused about the hierarchy on the Separatist side, which is also the Sith side, but the hierarchy may be different in each version? Meanwhile Anakin is just as determined to find Grievous as Grievous….will be in the next episode. Currently Grievous has his sights set on gaining access to Kamino and stopping clone production. Which is smart because as is proven time and again, clones are much better at the whole war thing than his droids are. 

Anyway, Anakin doesn’t want to sleep and he says it’s because he’s focused on Grievous but since every time we see Anakin sleep on screen he has nightmares of death I also think Anakin generally prefers not to sleep (and I will be watching to see if it comes up). 

Captain Rex and Commander Cody are on a scheduled mission to inspect the Outpost so our shiny new recruits get some upper level back-up. The droids try to wave them off by pretending to be clones:

And then the clones get back onto the base by pretending to be droids:

But there are still only five clones and shipsful of droids so Captain Rex decides to pull a Captain Janeway and blow everything up – this plan ends up working very well as the Republic sends a fleet of star destroyers to the Outpost as soon as its recorded “All clear” is cut off by the explosion. 

But it does require the sacrifice of one more clone (after Sarge, Cutup and the other one), Hevy (what is the reasoning behind his name being spelled Hevy instead of Heavy?). When the remote detonator malfunctions  he singlehandedly fights off the battle droids long enough to set off the explosion manually.

Fives and Echo get medals and a posting with the 501st. To all the rookies I say – what magnificent valor!

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