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The Clone Wars 1.5: Rookies

…or as I like to call it “the Dominoes start falling.” That must be why the writers named this group of clones Domino Squad (see season 3 episode 1). Because they all die eventually. The writers just like to make me cry.


A problem with this episode is, I can’t tell the clones apart. They say each other’s names as if I’m supposed to be able to tell them apart…The only clearly different one is Echo (when they have their helmets on)

Yeah poor Cutup and Droidbait, the unimportant members of Domino Squad who no one cares about. You’d think they’d be a little more sad about their friends’ deaths lol

Yeah really, Rex has no chill. He can’t have been 100% sure that was a droid.

And I call him MY FAVORITE 

It’s interesting that Echo chooses to keep this handprint on his armor later. Perhaps it’s his way of remembering this event, and Hevy, since it’s his first time losing his friends in battle and all. Or maybe it’s reflective of his relationship with Rex. Also, it’s interesting that they chose to sort of “label” Echo for this episode, while it’s harder to tell apart Hevy and Fives (you’d think they would mark Hevy, but I guess his voice and personality is distinctive). 

Star Wars: Attacking your Clones (verbally)

I’d make fun of the hesitant battle droids but they’re actually just as hesitant in the movies so, whatever. 

Plus it sets up this awesome moment, so I’m cool with it. HEVYYYY

I’m pretty sure we don’t see Echo and Fives again until season 3…but I look forward to it. I wonder if they knew what they were going to do with Fives’s character at this point. 

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