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The Clone Wars: 1.6-7: Droids

Subtitle: Attachment is the path to grace.

So far 90% of what Obi-Wan does in this series is tell Anakin not to do things that Anakin immediately turns around and does. Anakin’s arrogance is definitely one of the traits that lead to his downfall but the Jedi’s inability to communicate with him is also a big part of it. Anakin is proven right in this case – he has a plan that he and his team execute well, Grievous loses his entire fleet while Anakin only loses R2D2. But Obi-Wan barely takes the time to say “Good job, I guess” before bringing up that old Jedi gem:

To which Anakin and I reply in unison: Nope. What are you fighting for Obi-Wan? The cause? The Republic? Because it turns out both of those have been corrupted and none of you notice because you’re too busy telling Anakin to stop caring about people. 

Also! Grievous abandons ship allowing all his battle droids to be blown up because he doesn’t care about droids any more than Obi-Wan does. Do we really want to be emulating General Grievous, Obi-Wan, do we?

Anyway, Anakin admits that he’s never had R2′s memory wiped. Not only does R2 have a distinct personality Anakin wouldn’t want to erase but the droid has been a part of Anakin’s life as long as Padmé has, was a witness to their wedding, and is his link to her when they’re apart. And as Ahsoka points out, with longterm memory R2 is more clever and helpful. But Obi-Wan sees it as a breach of protocol that has left the Republic vulnerable – which is also true, if cold hearted. The good news is now they are ordered to go find him.

In the meantime Anakin gets a replacement astromech, R3, who Ahsoka dubs Goldie but Anakin decides to call Stubby when he’s proven to be the Worst Astromech Droid Ever. He nearly gets Anakin and Ahsoka killed three times before they figure out he’s working for Grievous (infiltrating the Jedi through droids is another smart move on Grievous’s part I must admit). But I’m getting ahead of the story. First Anakin and Ahsoka visit a junk dealer in disguise:

R2 is totally there, and Anakin hears him, but the aforementioned (but not yet revealed) spy R3 gets them outed as Jedi and sent off ship. Ashoka is still rooting for the little guy and convinces Anakin to give him another chance but it goes even worse than the first chance. How does Obi-Wan feel about it?

He’s moved from ‘arms-crossed disappointment’ to ‘hands-on-hips disappointment’. But R2 is as resourceful as Anakin and Ahsoka say he is and he transmits Grievous’s location into space. The Jedi decide to infiltrate and blow it up. Anakin wants to also mount a rescue since R2 has proven his importance and all. How does Obi-Wan feel about it?

So of course first chance he gets Anakin runs off to rescue R2. 

FWIW Ahsoka totally gets it and supports Anakin’s decision even though this is how it goes for her:

I don’t know why I find it so funny that Grievous Duels are such a part of this but I really do. This duel is pretty great, Ahsoka is a clever girl. Rex and the clones set the charges and get everything ready to blow (while fighting off battle droids of their own) and Anakin finally reconnects with R2 after his terrible, terrible ordeal. 

For real, this would give my droid-loving son nightmares.

Everybody makes it back to the landing platform where they finally realize R3 is a traitor-spy when he traps them in the dock. But Anakin is Anakin so he has Rex detonate the bombs and orders R2 to get them the hell outta here (aka open the doors) while he and Ahsoka fight off the droid army. R2 succeeds, the Jedi and clones fly their ship off the now tumbling into oblivion base – but R3 cuts off R2′s escape! Oh noes! 

Jk, R2 totally drop kicks R3 right off the ship and Anakin obviously flies his fighter over to get his BFF. And then Grumpy Obi-Wan pops in to berate Anakin for putting a droid ahead of his mission, his troops, and his padawan. Which, again, is a valid criticism, but since Anakin keeps winning and therefore ignoring the criticism and learning nothing, maybe try a new tactic? Especially given that:

Anakin trusts his padawan. In both these episodes Anakin’s team wins because they act like a team. Why is this so hard for the Jedi to understand?!

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