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Clone Wars 1.9 Cloak of Darkness

You know you can’t trust a guy with hair like this. 

In this episode Luminara and Ahsoka are escorting Nute Gunray to Coruscant after Padme’s brilliant work in the last episode.

We see Ahsoka is already acting a bit too much like her master:

Looks familiar:

The Separatists send in some battle droids, and Ventress and that senate guard guy, Argyus, end up successfully freeing Gunray.

I actually really liked Argyus’s lines:

First of all, he’s right. As we see later on the clone troopers are sometimes forced to question the authority, even though that’s something they were taught never to do. When Argyus repeats this line to Commander Gree, adding, “a clone like you wouldn’t understand,” Gree responds with “You and I disagree on what makes a good soldier,” which shows just how loyal the clone troopers are. Even though it’s programmed into them, moments like these make their loyalty appear as a real character trait. Moments like these make you think, who is wrong here? The turncoat senate commando trying to get away with a crime, or a clone built to serve the Republic who never had the chance to make his own choices? It’s interesting to think about! Argyus’s line here also clearly contrasts with “good soldiers follow orders”, the words that apparently run through a clone’s mind when Order 66 is triggered.

It’s ironic that this guy, who is betraying the Republic for money, is not only giving Ahsoka good advice (even though Gunray escapes, Ahsoka does save Luminara’s life), but also stating one of the big themes of Clone Wars.


Nute Gunray genuinely giving his own advice is hilarious.

We got to see an awesome battle between the three ladies, and Ventress comes out on top. Darth Sidious wanted her to step it up and she did. Nearly killed both Jedi, stole back Gunray, and got all the credit by killing Argyus. I’m one of those people who just really loves it when the villains get to win. More common in Clone Wars than in Sailor Moon certainly, but it’s the same satisfying feeling of knowing our heroes are up against a real challenge.

And of course I can’t not give this a mention. Luminara was disapproving of Ahsoka’s impatience and recklessness but it did end up saving her life. Then she started calling her “Ahsoka” instead of “Padawan Tano”, and had this to say at the end. Looks like another “Anakin is right and the Jedi are wrong” conclusion. Imagine how things might have gone for Anakin if the Jedi showed this kind of appreciation for him more often, or when he really needed it. Yup, everything that happens in Clone Wars continues to be tragic in the broader story.

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