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Clone Wars 1.9: Cloak of Darkness

Subtitle: I am judging the judgey Jedi

Continuing the trend of giving substance to Jedi who die during Revenge of the Sith this episode finds Ahsoka teamed up with Jedi Master Luminara to escort Nute Gunray to trial. Nute is a dolt but he still knows too much for the Sith side to rest easy so Dooku sends Ventress to take care of it. Sidious is thus far unimpressed with Ventress which prompts Dooku to tell her she has to prove herself worthy of being his apprentice and I want to know more.

How much does Palpatine know about Dooku’s collection of sub-apprentices? Was Dooku actually planning to wrench power away from Sidious and just let it go on too long? Dooku treats Ventress somewhat better than Palpatine treats either of them here and … I just really have a lot of questions about the power structure of the Separatist and/or Sith Side.

If I didn’t know Nute makes it into Episode III alive I would expect Ventress to kill him but instead she has an elaborate plot to help him escape. A well executed elaborate plot that I sure think makes her worthy. But Dooku used to be a Jedi and the Jedi are impossible to please. 

Ahsoka is the Queen of Sass and Luminara is Unimpressed. Three times in a row. And then she undermines Ahsoka’s authority in front of the prisoner which is just straight up stupid. But what really gets me is when Luminara spars with Ventress and points out the flaws in her fighting style. 

Seriously? The Jedi are elitist jerks. Also an elitist jerk:

This turncoat Republic Soldier who is kinda dressed like a chess piece so I’ve decided they’re the precursor to these guys:

He encourages Ahsoka to go help Luminara and even though it’s a trap, it’s a good thing she does because Ventress is totally smoking her with those unrefined, amateurish, and sloppy skills. Luminara accepts Ahsoka’s help – and later even thanks her for it – though she does point out it’s still Not The Jedi Way.

Then the betrayer is betrayed because that is The Sith Way. 

Which brings us to: 

Anakin is terrible at The Jedi Way™ and I love him for it.

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