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Clone Wars 1.8 Bombad Jedi

The last time I watched Clone Wars I read the description of “Bombad Jedi” and decided to skip ahead, so I hadn’t seen the next couple episodes until now. I was pleasantly surprised. I think I just love Clone Wars so much now that even the ‘meh’ episodes are really fun to watch. Plus I got to watch these with Pixie IRL so that was fun.

So here we are on Rodia, Padme’s on a diplomatic mission and refuses to bring clone troopers (clearly Padme hasn’t realized yet that her role in this show is going to be damsel in distress for a while). Her old friend Onaconda Farr is waiting for her, with battle droids…who capture Padme on Nute Gunray’s orders. And the only people who came with Padme are:

…the most useless characters in Star Wars. Luckily Padme’s a total badass. See below.

Can’t wait for her to team up with Satine instead of these losers.

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