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Clone Wars 1.2-4: Malevolence

I liked this arc for the most part.

The scenes of the debris and red star in the Avogadro’s Avocado  Abregado system were very pretty. 

Yoda literally just last episode you said:

About clones. And yet he’s immediately willing to leave behind Plo Koon, a Jedi Master?

It seems weird that Anakin is being all strict and teaching lessons he himself doesn’t follow, but I kind of like it because this relationship is new to him and he wants to act like a good mentor. All he knows is what Obi-Wan says to him, so he’s just trying to act like Obi-Wan.

Yoda what were you expecting?

In this episode we learn about Ahsoka’s relationship to Plo Koon, and she is able to save him through their Force bond. I hope this relationship and their past meeting is explored further in future episodes.

And there they go intentionally making Order 66 more tragic. (Plo Kloon is one of the Jedi who is shown killed by his clone troopers in Episode III.)

You know who loves his clones even more than Plo though?

…Anakin. At least the clones get to stay on his side. Not that he’s quite as friendly and caring to them when he’s Vader.

Look at Anakin doing the right thing (??!!)

Ugh, the fourth episode makes me cringe. Why is Padmé even in it? And all her lines are dumb. I promise she gets better! Despite the annoying Padmé-is-captured!! plot, one good thing about this episode is…

We’ve got our first episode with Anakin and Obi-Wan on a mission together! I love these two and their banter. Let the series-long sass fest begin.

The references are a bit excessive but I like this one because Leia!

I like this one too.

And we have the first of many times Obi-Wan battles Grievous before Episode III lol…I won’t mention it again.

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