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Clone Wars 1.1: Ambush

One second in and already I’m feeling the clone feels. This episode is about Yoda teaching clone troopers how to think like Jedi in battle. Later on in the series the Kaminoans comment on how the Jedi have inspired creative thinking in the clones, which is why some are able to act unpredictably and rebel. The Clone Wars represents a time when the Jedi are straying from their values, but at least they are inspiring these men to be the best identical-expendable-soldiers-that-are-actually-part-of-an-evil-plot that they can be. 

It seems odd to start with an episode that Ahsoka and Anakin aren’t in, but the series does end with a Yoda episode, so it functions as a bookend. It also shows how the overall story of the series isn’t about one or two particular characters, but about the war and how it conflicts with Jedi values.

Okay so I love Ventress, but how does this fit in with rule of twos? She’s The Apprentice’s apprentice. Not a full Sith yet I guess? Is Dooku hoping to kill Palpatine at some point to become The Master? Sith life must be awkward, if they’re always secretly trying to kill each other.

(Maybe there’s an answer to this and I just haven’t gotten there yet.)

I like that Yoda is good at what he does even when he isn’t teaching Jedi – he can teach these clones similar values without them being Force users.

There surely weren’t any clone classes on Kamino that encouraged this kind of individual thinking. Think of how they must feel, to finally be told that they are not all the same. I love my clones, okay?

The struggle of being a background character.

Really though, it must be kind of frustrating when your Jedi General can just solve every problem with the Force, while you’re stuck using guns and strategy.

This looks familiar…

Overall, not too exciting of an episode but at least now I get why it’s first-because the clones and their relationship with the Jedi is so important to the series. (I’m guessing the writers were like “how do we make order 66 the most tragic event possible” and wrote the whole show based on that.)

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