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Episode 1: Paralyzed

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In this first episode of Endless Anakin, I tell the story of my first encounter with Star Wars and Vader. Topics include the paralyzing effects of trauma and depression, and the power of choosing to try.

Inspired by the song “Paralyzed” by NF, George Lucas’s commentary on victims and villains, and this Draco Malfoy fanvid.

Please consider contributing to a Trans Rights Organization to show continued support as a Harry Potter and/or Star Wars fan. Here is a list of creators and charities curated by the Harry Potter Alliance, and here is a link to donate to the Transgender Law Center, the charity at the center of a campaign by fans of The Mandalorian and Star Wars.

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Endless Anakin is a Manic Pixie Dust production. Song: “Robots Don’t Cry”, Anika Dane

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