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PadMay 2021 Week One

PadMay 2021 begins this Saturday! Here are the prompts, Daily Padmé participants, and events for the week of May 1 through May 7.

You may answer as many, or as few, as you like and there is no specific format. The prompts are jumping off points and may be considered in universe or meta. Create something new, promote something you’ve previously made, or share a favorite work of someone else’s (with proper credit! Share their post if possible). Post to tumblr, twitter, instagram, ao3, facebook, dreamwidth, youtube, tiktok, your podcast, your website, wherever! There is an AO3 collection available here.

When sharing on social media, tag your posts #PadMay and/or #PadMay2021 Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, here or on tumblrtwitterinstagram or facebook.

PadMay 2021 Week One Prompt List

Below I’ve listed all the week one prompts from the first four years by day, as well as Anidala Week prompts where applicable. I will share the prompts of the day on social media each morning (Eastern Time).

Saturday, May 1

  • Favorite Padmé moment in The Phantom Menace
  • What was your first impression of Padmé?
  • The Amidala Symbol or Naboo Royal Crest
  • Favorite Padmé Appearance

Sunday, May 2

  • Favorite Padmé quote in The Phantom Menace
  • How should Padmé be remembered?
  • The Scar of Remembrance
  • Favorite Padmé Quote

Monday, May 3

  • Favorite Padmé costume in The Phantom Menace
  • How might you change Padmé’s story?
  • The traditional colored twin cheek-spots of “Balance” and “Symmetry”
  • Favorite Padmé Costume

Tuesday, May 4 | May the Fourth Be With You

  • Force Sensitive Padmé
  • What is Padmé’s relationship to the Force?
  • The Living Force
  • Padmé and the light side of the Force
  • Anidala Week: Headcanon/Missing Scene OR Favorite Scene

Wednesday, May 5

  • Dark Side
  • What would Padmé’s ‘revenge’ look like?
  • Flower imagery and symbolism in relation to Padmé Amidala
  • Padmé and the dark side of the Force
  • Anidala Week: Canon Divergence OR Favorite Canon work

Thursday, May 6

  • Promotional Photo
  • Red
  • Water imagery and symbolism in relation to Padmé Amidala
  • Padmé’s role in the saga
  • Anidala Week: Mythology/Fairy Tales OR Favorite Touches

Friday, May 7

  • Favorite Padmé moment in Attack of the Clones
  • Orange
  • Moon imagery and symbolism in relation to Padmé Amidala
  • Favorite Anidala scene
  • Anidala Week: Modern AU OR Favorite Trope

Daily Padmé Week One

May 1: Anika aka PoliticalPadmé aka me
May 2: Natalie Lucia aka LeiaAurora (instagram)
May 3: jadejedi (tumblr)​ and The Geeky Waffle Network  (web, podcast, social media)
May 4: May the Fourth Community Event
May 7: Alex Verse Naberrie (tumblr)​, jadejedi (tumblr), padme911 (instagram)

You can still sign up for a day using this google form.

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