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PadMay 2021 Week Four

Here are the prompts, Daily Padmé participants, and events for the week of May 22 through May 28.

You may answer as many, or as few, as you like and there is no specific format. The prompts are jumping off points and may be considered in universe or meta. Create something new, promote something you’ve previously made, or share a favorite work of someone else’s (with proper credit! Share their post if possible). Post to tumblr, twitter, instagram, ao3, facebook, dreamwidth, youtube, tiktok, your podcast, your website, wherever! There is an AO3 collection available here.

When sharing on social media, tag your posts #PadMay and/or #PadMay2021 Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, here or on tumblr,  twitterinstagram or facebook.

PadMay 2021 Week Four Prompt List

Below I’ve listed all the week four prompts from the first four years by day.

Saturday, May 22

  • Favorite Padmé headcanon
  • Crossover with another fandom
  • “If this body is not capable of action, I suggest new leadership is needed.”
  • Rescue

Sunday, May 23

  • Promote a favorite Padmé fanwork
  • Roles
  • “My fate will be no different from that of our people.”
  • Memorial

Monday, May 24

  • Fancast Padmé (prequel series, au series, racebend or cisbend)
  • Padmé’s Theme Song
  • “I need your help.”
  • Hope

Tuesday, May 25

  • Naboo
  • Share a favorite Padmé meme
  • ““I am Queen Amidala.”
  • Luke

Wednesday, May 26

  • The Galactic Senate
  • Padmé as a role model
  • “Well, that is why we must not fail to get to the Viceroy. Everything depends on it.”
  • Leia

Thursday, May 27

  • Anakin
  • Celebration
  • “Now, Viceroy, we will discuss a new treaty.”
  • Ben

Friday, May 28

  • Happy Ending
  • Your Favorite Quote said by or about Padmé Amidala
  • Create a game for the community to solve
  • Rey

Daily Padmé Week Four

May 22: kelldar (instagram)
May 23: open
May 24: @labyrinth-runner (tumblr)
May 25: Admiralty Edits (youtube)
May 26: open
May 27: Anika aka PoliticalPadmé aka Me
May 28: LeiaAurora (instagram)

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