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Fundraiser: The Amidala Initiative

Anti-Trans legislation is being written, threatened, and enacted in multiple states across the U.S. and it is getting worse:


In just the past weeks (days!) the governments of Texas, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky and Tennessee announced and/or passed anti-Trans legislation. Often these laws are not supported by the majority of the community, merely a loud, well-funded minority. Even the discussion of these anti-Trans positions is harmful to transgender persons, and especially children. But the states are enforcing their anti-Trans plans even when they are not yet law, and may never be. None of this is a new issue, but it is escalating at a violent pace. We must act.

How to Help

This list is adapted from my friend Sigrid’s tweet thread.

  • Call your Representatives. I know how hard this one is. I hate calling anyone and this always feels awkward. But it’s how the system works. We need to be louder than the vocal minority. We need to remind politicians they answer to us.
  • Make your spaces safe for transgender persons. Welcome them into whatever groups, clubs, or communities you are a part of. And make the support explicit: write it into the guidelines, post it publicly online, share it with everyone, and kick out anyone who speaks up to oppose these measures.
  • Donate. I know how hard this is, too. I’m on a budget, I have my own housing and medical expenses, and I hate charities depend on people like me when billionaires and governments exist. It’s not how it should be, and we have to work against injustice and capitalism as hard as we can, but we also have to take care of each other while doing it.
  • Fundraise. A group of Star Wars fans set up a fundraiser for Equality Texas: The Anidala Initiative. As anyone who follows me knows, Padmé Amidala is one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all time, so this is the fundraiser I’m currently supporting.

Commissions for The Amidala Initiative


My fanvid commissions are open on Ko-Fi and all funds for this month will go towards the Amidala Initiative and Equality Texas. I have five slots. More details about commissioning are available here. Here is my playlist of Star Wars vids:

But you may commission me for any of my available fandoms and it will count towards my Amidala Initiative Donation. I will share and post all my donation receipts.


My son’s commissions are also open! I have reserved five of Tae’s slots for the Amidala Initiative fundraiser and will match the funds you pay him as a donation. This means by commissioning art from Tae you will be directly supporting a transgender artist and supporting transgender youth in Texas through my donation to the Amidala Initiative. Tae will draw Star Wars characters from animated series or video games, but other fandoms are encouraged!

Contact Tae on twitter, instagram, or email.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about the process.

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