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Endless Anakin Playlist Podcast

Endless Anakin is a podcast in which I use popular music as a frame to discuss anything and everything Star Wars and Star Wars adjacent. Each season consists of nine episodes and features at least one guest. Follow along on Spotify and contact me at to join in.

Theme Song: “Robots Don’t Cry”

My Playlists on Spotify

Breha and Leia

Breha and Leia is a Star Wars podcast hosted by a mother, Anika, and daughter, Kerste. It is on semi-permanent hiatus but our published episodes are housed here at


Periodically I also blog about Star Wars. In addition to my posts here you can find the Padmé Fashion Project, an analysis of costuming and character, as part of Pixie Fashion.

Pixie and Kiki Recap A Galaxy Far, Far Away

My daughter Kerste and I each re-watch the same episode(s) of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and share our own thoughts and opinions. This project was started on tumblr in 2016 and the posts can now be read as part of Pixie Recaps.

About AKA Pixie

Anika has been a Star Wars fan since she was seven years old. She loves to make fanvids of the galaxy far, far away and was once invited on stage with Mark Hamill. You can follow her on twitter at @manicpixiedane and visit Manic Pixie Dust to learn more.